Recipe: Charleston Tea Plantation Sweet Tea

Charleston Tea Plantation Sweet Tea Recipe

February has arrived, love is in the air, and no Southern date is complete without a little sweet tea. One of the oldest traditions in the South, sweet tea consumption dates back to the 1800s, less than a century after the first tea plants were planted in South Carolina. The tea was cultivated right here in Charleston and Charleston Tea Plantation tea just happens to be the official hospitality beverage for the state of South Carolina.

For Valentine’s Day, we recommend adding hot tea to breakfast in bed, sweet iced tea to a romantic dinner, or a visit to our lovely plantation. Get brewing with our sweet tea recipe:    

One Gallon of Charleston Tea Plantation Iced Tea

1.  Place 9 Charleston Tea Plantation pyramid teabags in a separate heat safe container.  Add more or less tea bags depending on desired strength.

2.  Bring fresh, cold water to a good, rolling boil. 

3.  As soon as the water reaches a rolling boil, pour directly over the teabags.

4.  Steep the tea bags for approximately 6 minutes.

5.   Add water and ice to bring to a gallon.

For iced sweet tea, we suggest that you create a simple syrup with sugar prior to adding it to your brewed tea.

Simple Syrup Recipe

In a saucepan, put equal parts of sugar to water. Heat water, stirring sugar until dissolved. Add simple syrup to your brewed iced tea according to your taste.

Click here for a printable version of the recipe. 

Here are four sweet ways to customize your favorite CTP flavor: because nothing says "I love you," like a glass of our delicious Southern sweet tea.

Heart-shaped Ice Cube Tray

While you won’t find a “heart of ice” written in any Valentine’s cards, a cold heart is actually a perfect complement to your sweet tea. Buy an inexpensive heart-shaped ice cube tray, fill with water, chill, and then drop each heart into a glass of tea for a sweet treat.

Pair with Chocolate

We can’t think of a single beverage in the world that isn’t improved with a side of chocolate. Enjoy your tea with your favorite box of heart-shaped chocolates or other Valentine’s Day candy.

Add a Bouquet  

Let the sweet fragrance from the flowers enhance the scent of a freshly brewed cup of tea. We recommend orange and pink tinted roses to match our CTP sweet tea.

Infuse with Love  

A charming heart-shaped tea infuser or a beautiful mug is the perfect present for the tea lover in your life. Shop our collection of infusers, mugs, teapots, and other accessories in our gift store. Or give our Gift Shop a call at 843- 559-0383‬ and we would happy to help you place an order!