4 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

national hot tea month charleston tea plantation

Warm up and celebrate National Hot Tea Month this January with your favorite Charleston Tea Plantation blends. Here are a few suggestions for enjoying National Hot Tea Month while practicing self-care in the new year:

Stay cozy

Keep the winter chill away by cozying up with a blanket and a new blend of hot tea. The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to try new things, and we have 9 teas to choose from! Take your taste buds back to summer with a mug of our Plantation Peach tea, or sip our sophisticated Earl Grey blend. Go big with the Tea Sampler containing six of our most popular blends to get a taste of it all.

Increase productivity

As we return to work and school after the holidays, approaching deadlines can feel overwhelming. Stay productive and stress-free with a comfortable morning routine. For an optimal sleep cycle, go to bed and wake up at consistent times. In the morning, brew a hot cup of our Breakfast Blend Tea and make a to-do list. For an afternoon pick-me-up that can help improve your mental focus, brew a cup of our Green Tea and step away from your desk to unplug for a few minutes during the work day.

Boost your immune system

During the winter months, colds and the flu are more common than ever. Fight a weakened immune system with vitamin C and a hot mug of tea. Try a cup of our Cinnamon Spice Tea to help clear your sinuses and stay hydrated. To soothe a sore throats, sweeten your tea with a spoonful of honey and add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

Visit Charleston Tea Plantation

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Hot Tea Month than by visiting the largest tea plantation in North America. Learn about how tea is planted, harvested, and processed with our educational (and fun!) tours. A relaxing walk in the sunshine at our beautiful plantation is sure to boost your mood and relieve stress. A visit to our plantation is also an opportunity to sample each one of our irresistible teas. We look forward to seeing you!