Beat the Heat With Tea This Summer

Beat the Heat with Tea This Summer Charleston Tea Plantation

Summer in the Lowcountry is a beautiful time of year. Beach trips, boat days, and sunny days out in the field are some of our favorite activities. But sometimes, the soaring temperatures make those activities hard to enjoy, and even dangerous if you don’t stay hydrated.

During the summer, our bodies are constantly losing water as we breathe, sweat, and work hard to go about our lives, making it extremely important that we stay hydrated. If you aren’t a big water drinker, no problem! There are plenty of other ways you can stay hydrated.

Here are a few ways you can beat the heat with tea this summer:

Drink Tea

Start your morning with a cup of hot tea to get hydrated early on, and switch to iced tea as the day goes on and the temperature rises. Tea consists mostly of water and is just as hydrating, with the added bonus of great taste and antioxidants.

If you think you may get tired of so much tea, don’t worry- Charleston Tea Plantation offers plenty of flavors so you’ll never get bored.

Make Tea Popsicles

Another way to make sure you don’t get tired of tea- turn it into a popsicle! Tea popsicles are a fun way to stay hydrated while also enjoying a refreshingly cold treat.

You can find loads of delicious recipes with a quick Google search, like this classic recipe or these fun strawberry green tea popsicles.

Get Creative with Tea Ice Cubes

Although tea mostly consists of water, the taste of your iced tea can diminish when ice cubes melt. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to keep your drinks icy cold while keeping the taste you love- tea ice cubes!

Just pour your favorite tea into an ice cube tray and freeze them for a couple of hours. Then toss a few in your drink and you’ll have the perfect cold, tasty refreshment.

Other ways to stay hydrated include eating fruits and vegetables, drinking a smoothie or coconut water, and of course, drinking plenty of water. The best way to ensure that you have a happy summer is to have a safe one, so be sure to stay hydrated as the temperatures rise.