Meet Our Fearless Leaders

charleston tea plantation leaders

One of the many things that makes Charleston Tea Plantation so special is the people behind the tea, and that starts with our leadership. Meet Bill Hall and David and Eunice Bigelow.

William Barclay Hall, a third-generation tea taster, purchased the land that Charleston Tea Plantation now calls home in 1987. Bill received his formal training in London, England where he completed a four-year apprenticeship. When Bill first purchased the land, it was an experimental tea farm used for research and development. He then converted the farm to a commercial operation that we know today as the Charleston Tea Plantation.

Bill’s vision for this beautiful piece of land on Wadmalaw fostered the Charleston Tea Plantation, leading to the creation of his original “American Classic” tea, the first tea to ever be made with 100% American grown tea.

In 2003, Charleston Tea Plantation was seeking additional financing, and longtime friends of Bill’s, the Bigelow family, stepped up to the plate. The Bigelow Tea Company purchased the plantation, and a wonderful partnership formed.

Pictured left to right: David Bigelow, Bill Hall, and Eunice Bigelow

Pictured left to right: David Bigelow, Bill Hall, and Eunice Bigelow

Eunice and David Bigelow are co-chairmen of The Bigelow Tea Company. Continuing a legacy started by his parents in the 1940’s, David, with the help and support of his wife Eunice, pioneered the company’s expansion, eventually turning it into the country’s foremost specialty tea company. Thanks to their efforts in introducing specialty tea to mass markets and grocery stores, Eunice and David have helped pave the way for companies and farms like the Charleston Tea Plantation to succeed.

Together, Bill and the Bigelow’s passion for tea and experience in the field have created a legacy of American grown tea. Without these determined and passionate pioneers, the Charleston Tea Plantation would not be what it is today.