National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea Month

It’s time to celebrate, because January is National Hot Tea Month! While we love drinking hot tea all year round here at CTP, cold January is the perfect time to warm up with a cup. Here are a few ideas for how you can celebrate this wonderful month!

Host a tea party

While it may seem like a thing of the past, or at least reserved for young girls’ birthday parties, hosting a tea party is the perfect way to celebrate National Hot Tea Month. Get together with your fellow tea lovers and enjoy an afternoon of delicious teas, conversation, and food, too! You can do your research and host a traditional, old-fashioned tea party, or put your own fun, modern twist on it.

Try a new blend

Most of us have our favorite blends that we tend to stick to when it comes to tea. But during this month of tea celebration, it’s time to broaden your horizons! Try a new blend or two (or three) during the month, you may be surprised to find a new favorite.

Enjoy with a good book

Nothing goes together quite as well as a good book and a hot cup of tea. Grab a new book or an old favorite along with a piping mug of your favorite (or new favorite!) blend. Add a cozy blanket and a fire to the mix to take the experience to the next level.  

Calm down

Use this month as an opportunity to unwind from the holiday madness of December and focus on yourself. Drink soothing teas that will help you calm down and allow you to relax for a day, or perhaps a whole weekend. You can even turn it into an opportunity for a spa weekend by using tea bags to relieve tired eyes.

Tour CTP and taste our teas!

What better way to celebrate a month dedicated to tea than learning about the process of growing and producing tea! Learn how tea goes from the fields into your mug at the only tea plantation in North America, and enjoy a hot cup of complimentary CTP tea while you do.