William Barclay Hall, world-renowned tea taster and tea maker partnered with the Bigelow Family back in 2003. Currently he oversees the daily operations at the Charleston Tea Plantation and the production and development of its product line, Charleston Tea Plantation Tea. He has been associated with the Charleston Tea Plantation since 1987 when he originally founded the Plantation and established its brand, American Classic. Mr. Hall, an expert, third-generation tea taster received his formal training in a four-year tea apprenticeship in London, England. As one of the few tea tasters today, he has traveled extensively throughout the tea growing regions of the world in order to maintain and expand on his knowledge of the growing, harvesting and production processes of tea. 

As an expert tea taster, Mr. Hall conveys his practical and horticulturalist knowledge of the Camellia Sinensis plant. He analyzes soil types, climate changes, weather conditions and rain-fall quantities, all in order to determine the optimal harvest time for the plants. Mr. Hall has dedicated himself to ensuring a quality and consistent cup of Charleston Tea Plantation Tea every time it is brewed.

The BILL HALL EXCLUSIVE Tour is our most comprehensive tour offered! This Tour is actually guided by William Barclay Hall. Mr. Hall will personally take your group on a private, behind-the-scenes look into the Charleston Tea Plantation and its production of Charleston Tea Plantation Tea. He will share his knowledge of the industry with you as you also enjoy the Factory Tour and Plantation Tour around our 127 acre grounds. Having Mr. Hall speak one-on-one with you about the Plantation and Charleston Tea Plantation Tea is an experience unlike any other! With Mr. Hall as your personal tour guide, you will witness first hand the valiant efforts required to maintain the Plantation's Camellia Sinensis crop and why these particular plants are considered living history in South Carolina. You will learn exactly what it takes for the Charleston Tea Plantation tobring Charleston Tea Plantation Tea from the field to the cup. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that every tea drinker dreams of!

Bill Hall standing in a tea field

Bill Hall standing in a tea field

There is a minimum $600 charge for this tour and the cost is $30 per person for 20 people or more(maximum amount of people is 40)  (This tour is available for smaller groups as well, the charge is $600). 
Advanced reservations are required. This tour is not available on weekends.

Please call 1-843-559-0383, Ext. 4207 or e-mail Jane Knight at for more information and reservations.