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School Field Trips

Why Visit the Charleston Tea Plantation?

A visit to our Plantation will afford your students the following opportunities:

1.  Students will learn the origin and history of tea.

2.  Students will witness first hand the daily operations of a working tea farm and manufacturing plant.

3.  Students will learn how the leaves are harvested and actually processed into tea.

4.  Students can experience the taste of American Classic Tea, the freshest tea grown and produced right here on the grounds of the Charleston Tea Plantation.Field Trip on the Trolley with Border

What does a Filed Trip to the Charleston Tea Plantation Entail?

1.  Students will take the Factory Tour, where the Bigelow's themselves, via flat screen televisions, guide them down a glass tourway overlooking the factory.  Students will learn about the history of tea, the harvesting and production of our own American Classic Tea, and the story of the Charleston Tea Plantation.

2.  You can chose between two different types of presentations...

-HISTORICAL PRESENTATION-An interactive presentation from a knowledgeable member of our staff on the history of tea with historical highlights covering different countries and periods of time, including the American Revolution and its' ever famous Boston Tea Party. 


-HORTICULTURAL PRESENTATION-A guided walk around the tea fields or a guided visit to one of our numerous irrigation ponds during which a knowledgeable memeber of our staff will share facts about the Camelia Sinensis plant and its' resiliency.  This plant is currently used to produce both black and green American Classic Teas and exists in over 320 varieties on the 127 acre grounds of the Charleston Tea Plantation.Kids on the Front Walkway with Border

What Are My Other Options?

1.  You can choose to take the Trolley Tour, where students can enjoy a scenic ride around our 127 acre farm.  The Tour is narrated by William Barclay Hall, founder of American Classic Tea and world renowned Tea Taster.  He will educate students about the history of America's own tea garden while challenging their knowledge of tea.

2.  If you opt for the American Classic Goodie Bag, students would receive a recycled, re-usable cloth tote filled with fun souvenirs such as our Explore the World of Tea DVD and a sample of American Classic Tea.   

How Much Time Will I Need?

You decide how long you want to stay at the Plantation and how much you want your students to experience on their visit.  We would suggest that you give your class a minimum of 2 and a half hours to soak in all that the Charleston Tea Plantation has to offer. 

As a point of reference, here is the timeline that we suggest you follow...

-15 minutes to enjoy the Factory Tour

-25 to 30 minutes to take the Trolley Tour

-10 minutes to enjoy a nice glass of iced American Classic Tea

-15 minutes to visit our unique Plantation Gift Shoppe.  Here students can shop a vast variety of teapots and accessories as well as Charleston Tea Plantation souvenirs and of course American Classic Teas.  Students can also check out our custom made map highlighting 'The Tea Producing Countries of the World.'

-10 minutes to visit our Kids Kneeling to Margarita Talk with BorderPropagation Hut

-25 minutes to listen to and participate in a private presentation

-25 minutes to enjoy a picnic lunch in our scenic picnic area surrounded by Live Oak Trees

A  Field Trip to the Charleston Tea Plantation will encompass science, history, math, and geography.  Our staff will engage students at their level of understanding and challenge them by asking questions at the end of each Tour and/or presentation.  Students will also be encouraged to ask their own questions and to participate as volunteers in certain activities. 

The standard School Field Trip includes the Factory Tour and one of the presentation options.  It can be upgraded to also include the Trolley Ride and/or American Classic Goodie Bag at an additional cost.  Please call 843-559-0383 or e-mail Bryn Riley at for pricing.

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