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Factory Tour

The Bigelows themselves, via flat screen televisions guide you down a glass tourway overlooking the factory. You will learn about the history of tea, the harvesting and production of our own American Classic Tea and the story of the Charleston Tea Plantation.


This Tour gives you a first hand look into our factory and the state-of-the-art equipment utilized to produce our American Classic Teas. During peak season you may witness all stages of the production process. You could see...


1. Fresh green leaf being delivered from the field to the Withering Bed
2. Macerated green leaf making its way from the Rotorvane to the Oxidation Bed
3. Leaf entering the Dryer where it will endure heat up to 250°F

...just some of the many fascinating processes involved in the production of tea.

You will learn about the differences in the production of green, black and Oolong teas. You will also see how the magic of static electricity plays a major role in sorting teas. This tour unlocks the mystery of how tea, that delicious beverage we know and love so much, is actually brought from the field to the cup. It is a unique experience that is exclusive to the Charleston Tea Plantation, America's own tea garden.

The Factory Tour is complimentary! It begins every 15 minutes on the quarter hour and can be accessed at the top of the stairs in the Gift Shop.

Groups of 9 or more traveling in a van or bus must make reservations! The cost for large groups does differ so please call 843-559-0383, Ext. 4207 or e-mail Jane Knight at for pricing.

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