Spring and Summer Sun Tea

While a little bit of cold is sticking around, it seems that warm weather is finally around the corner. With the warm weather comes some of our favorite spring and summertime activities, from heading to the beach or enjoying an outdoor picnic to sitting on the porch and sipping sun tea. While some think of sun tea as a memory from a bygone time, we think this easy to make, delicious drink should be in everyone’s cups during warm weather.

Here’s how you can make your own batch of sun tea during the spring and summer months.

1. Grab a glass dispenser, as large as you want.

2. Place your tea bags into the container before pouring water into it to better infuse the tea. Add 8 of your favorite CTP tea bags per gallon of water. The number of tea bags will depend on the size of your container, so just be sure to measure out how much water you’re putting in. There’s really no rule as to what tea to use, it depends entirely upon your preference. We recommend our Plantation Peach or Rockville Raspberry teas for a fun take on your sun tea!

3. After putting in the tea bags, cover the container and place it in the sun. From there, wait for it to steep. While the amount of time the tea will take to steep depends on several factors, from the type of tea you’re using to the temperature outside, plan on about 2-3 hours of sun time. Just check to see when the tea has reached the color and flavor you’re looking for.

4. From here, put your own spin on it! Add sugar, honey, lemon, or any other garnish you like to your tea. For things like sugar and honey, add ¼ a cup at a time until you reach your desired taste.

5. Pour a glass, step outside, and enjoy your sun tea!



When it comes to making the most of warm weather, it’s the little things that count. A glass (or two!) of refreshing, tasty sun tea is sure to make your spring and summer all the more enjoyable.

Planning a Beau-TEA-ful Wedding with Help from Charleston Tea Plantation

Spring and summer are upon us, which means it’s time to get ready for another season as well: wedding season! It’s one of our favorite times of year here at Charleston Tea Plantation. Along with the start of our harvest season, we get to host beautiful weddings out on the plantation and help spread the love. We also get to share some of the fun, delicious ways that you can incorporate tea into your special day! Here are just a few ideas for all of you tea lovers planning weddings this year.


Instagram / @nonibrueckner / Noni Brueckner Photography

Instagram / @nonibrueckner / Noni Brueckner Photography

Located on beautiful Wadmalaw Island, our plantation is the perfect spot for a Lowcountry wedding. From the drive under the oaks to the expansive tea fields, Charleston Tea Plantation is the picture perfect wedding venue! We have been thrilled to see many happy couple tie the knot under the limbs of our “Wedding Tree.”


Intimate Weddings / intimateweddings.com

Intimate Weddings / intimateweddings.com

It’s also easy- and tasty- to incorporate tea into your wedding beverage menu! Tea makes a delicious drink option for weddings any time of year. Enjoy a hot tea cart during the winter, or some sweetened iced tea for the perfect Southern summer wedding. Your guests can also enjoy tea at the bar with a signature tea cocktail, like the Earl Grey Tea cocktail pictured below! Find the recipe here.

Sugar and Charm / sugarandcharm.com

Sugar and Charm / sugarandcharm.com


Etsy / etsy.com

Etsy / etsy.com

Tea can also make the perfect party favor for guests at your wedding. Whether it’s personalized tea leaves, tea bags with a cute message, or DIY tea tins, you can pick a tea favor that your guests are sure to love.

National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea Month

It’s time to celebrate, because January is National Hot Tea Month! While we love drinking hot tea all year round here at CTP, cold January is the perfect time to warm up with a cup. Here are a few ideas for how you can celebrate this wonderful month!

Host a tea party

While it may seem like a thing of the past, or at least reserved for young girls’ birthday parties, hosting a tea party is the perfect way to celebrate National Hot Tea Month. Get together with your fellow tea lovers and enjoy an afternoon of delicious teas, conversation, and food, too! You can do your research and host a traditional, old-fashioned tea party, or put your own fun, modern twist on it.

Try a new blend

Most of us have our favorite blends that we tend to stick to when it comes to tea. But during this month of tea celebration, it’s time to broaden your horizons! Try a new blend or two (or three) during the month, you may be surprised to find a new favorite.

Enjoy with a good book

Nothing goes together quite as well as a good book and a hot cup of tea. Grab a new book or an old favorite along with a piping mug of your favorite (or new favorite!) blend. Add a cozy blanket and a fire to the mix to take the experience to the next level.  

Calm down

Use this month as an opportunity to unwind from the holiday madness of December and focus on yourself. Drink soothing teas that will help you calm down and allow you to relax for a day, or perhaps a whole weekend. You can even turn it into an opportunity for a spa weekend by using tea bags to relieve tired eyes.

Tour CTP and taste our teas!

What better way to celebrate a month dedicated to tea than learning about the process of growing and producing tea! Learn how tea goes from the fields into your mug at the only tea plantation in North America, and enjoy a hot cup of complimentary CTP tea while you do.

Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

Gift guide for tea lovers

The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and loved ones. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, we can help!

A beautiful and unique teapot


For many tea lovers, the presentation is just as important as the taste. Give the gift of a beautiful teapot that any tea lover will be proud to show off.

The teapot shown just gives you an idea! Stop in for a visit or give the gift shop a call! We would love to help you pick out the perfect one!

A tea bag set

tea sets

Whether it is a hostess gift, a stocking stuffer or gift for the tea-loving co-worker, a set of our tea is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face! There’s a variety of teas to choose from, so this allows them to find the exact one they are in the mood for!

A unique tea set

tea pot set

Many tea lovers use tea as a pick me up for those days when it’s hard to wake up, and a set like this is sure to make early mornings more enjoyable.

A cute new tea infuser

tea infuser

Make tea time more fun with an adorable tea infuser specially picked for your favorite tea lover.

And last but certainly not least- tea!

Any tea lover is going to love the gift of tea. Make the holidays special by gifting your loved one their favorite blend, maybe one from the Charleston Tea Plantation!

You can find many of these products at the gift shop at Charleston Tea Plantation, or check out where you can find delicious CTP products on our website. Everyone at the Charleston Tea Plantation wishes you and your family a happy, safe holiday season!

3 Reasons You Should Explore Outside of Downtown Charleston

Charleston is welcoming approximately 5 million visitors each year. In 2015, Condé Nast named this city full of southern charm the number one Best Small City in AmericaAnd just recently, Travel + Leisure named Charleston number one in The World’s Best Cities. Needless to say, this little city is getting quite a lot of attention. So while downtown Charleston is packed with riveting history, beautiful architecture and great food, we think there are some pretty incredible places outside of the peninsula that are begging to be explored.